Day 22 (day 18 of cave)

Day 22 (day 18 of the cave)

Day 18 (Sunday) was the opening reception. I came early to paint and clean and set up. I spent most of the time painting my artist statement. I also need to paint my acknowledgments for all the wonderful people who have supported the project in someway. Perhaps today.

I also attempted to start a painting, but 20 minutes doesn't really render the best results. I think that I will just start it over during the next couple of days. The concept behind the painting was the creation and evolution of the cave. I chose to work on the column, stalactite/stalagmite deal, sort of in the manner of a Roman frieze. In faith of showing the full process, I will include the photos of my current painting too.

The receptions was awesome! Thanks everyone for coming. I think at least 100 people passed through. It was really well received, and there should be a couple articles coming out in the coming weeks (which is so f###ing great). Here we go.

My brother made the trek from Western MA. He's lovely.

More of my family. Mom, dad, and aunt Betty.

As the night progressed, things got really dark. Only problem with that is that it makes non-flash photos difficult. I need to bring in a tripod. Katie is the only one sort of in focus here.

Dear Scott, thanks bud.

I took some photos today to better show how the space looks now.

My artist statement.

The column painting.


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