Day 20 (day 15 of cave)

Day 20

My favorite part of yesterday was when a little boy and his grandma came in. He looked at Mishayla's paintings and said "Angry birds!!" He was just the first of many, but I have never played, so I was happy he let me know. It makes me love her paintings even more. Then he said, verbatim, "I could just stay and look in here all day. And all night." Come back soon, kid.

Newbold came a little later and kept banging away at the nook. I think it looks great, which reminds me that tonight I should take some more exterior photos. I was up on the ladder all day, solidifying the ceiling that is reached by the light. You may also notice that I filled in the weird grate looking section of wall near the front entrance. The ac is right behind it, so I thought we'd see how it looked without a layer. Sculpture trumps ac, so I filled it in. The way this summer is going, we won't need it anyway.

My star volunteer, Silvia, stopped by last night and gave me an excuse to get down of the ladder. We started to extend the base of the sculpture so that it will no longer be a floating cave. Round one looks like a pretty good start, but I think it needs a bit more. Here are yesterdays results, mainly taken this morning.

Just finished the ceiling by the entrance and moving along to do the rest of the front.

I realized that I never took a newspaper shot. I would say this is about half of what we started with. Those stacks of boxes have newspaper too.

I missed one of Mishayla's birds yesterday.


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