Day 12, 13 & 14 (days 7, 8 & 9 of the cave)

Day 12 (day 7 of the cave)

This was my first full day solo. I worked for 3 hours before Passim and 3 hours after, and managed to extend the bottom of the far wall, and start prepping the far right corner.

Day 13 (day 8 of the cave)

Here are the results after day 8 of building. Mishayla was with me today, and worked on the ladder for a long while, paper macheing the first of the high walls. We were at the end of our flour supply by the time it was time for her to go home. After she went home for the day, I got up there and did prep strips for the remainder of the wall, and then whenever else. This is what 50 pounds of flour and newspaper looks like. I went and bought another 50 lb bag in the morning.

Day 14 (day 9 of the cave)

Today Mishayla, Jay and Katie came to build. I stayed up on the ladder all day, and the three of them worked on the ground level. I think the surface is finally strong enough to paint.

At 9pm I decided it was finally time to erect the front wall. So I started and realized this would be last chance to take a shot into the gallery. Here's what the space looked like before it was finally enclosed.

Silvia, a neighbor and our new Italian friend, dropped in at 9:30pm when my energy was waning. I was tired of being on the ladder, and decided that Scott and I should bang out the front wall. Just as I started, she popped in and offered to help. We blew through the strip prep, and then she carried on. She totally got me back into it, and stayed with us until 4am. Amazing. Check out her work below.

Scott arrived at around 10:30pm, and got straight to work.

Silvia just carried on into the front window.

This is how I spent my day yesterday.

This was the hardest part of the cave for me. The day before, I did the prep strips for the rest of the wall. Then yesterday I spent the whole daytime and paper mached over that. This little crevice was a huge challenge, there was no good way to reach it except to lean far away from the ladder. But it looks awesome, thank goodness...

Scott up on the ladder. The first real reach onto the ceiling. Things are finally getting cavernous in here.

Silvia the volunteer. Absolute beast. She nearly got through the entire front.


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