Day 16 (day 11 of cave)

Day 16

So yesterday was mostly a solo day with a couple hours of drop in volunteers. My cutest volunteers so far, Miss. Lily and Miss. Halina, the neighbor girls came and helped me out. They were great help, and stopped by the night before and their parents said it was all they could talk about. Helping with the cave!! I also had some meandering BU boys stop in around 8pm that helped on the main column for an hour, but forgot to take their picture.

Here I am up on the ladder. I took a bunch of pictures from above. I thought the perspective was really interesting. Also, that is flour in my hair. You tend to get quite a bit when you are working above your head.

I spent most of the day up on the ladder, and banged out 2/3 of the ceiling. We will see if there is time to paper mache over the strips, but they look pretty good. Here is what it looked like at the end of the night.

The view from above. This may be one of the last chances to see the structure.

Thanks for looking. 7 days until the reception, so this is where I will be.


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