THE CAVE-- days 6 to 11

So I am a little behind on the 100 day project. Here is 6 days of cave. The structure certainly changes, and is consuming all my time. Hopefully you will enjoy seeing the progress. Construction started Thursday and I have been there 5-13 hours per day since. Most days in the middle around 10 or so hours. Today went really well, but there is still a lot more paper to go before we can start painting.

Day 6- The construction, with the talented Mr. Ben Ahles

Jay and Nichole join the effort, and start us off on the wire structure.

We finished the structure day 1!

Day 7- Wire and start paper mache

Phil and Shan join

Mishayla is there in the green.

The first time we use the industrial mixer.

Katie joins.

Day 8

I'm working on the overhang before we put in the last wall, and finish the ceiling.

Cleaning up at the end of day 3. Getting ready for the first music show in the CAVE.

Day 9

Volunteers day! My mom building the nook by the door.

Olive Juice. PA folk duo that played the night before.

Scott and I put in a late night. We listened to the Mavericks win the NBA championship! Somehow I missed taking a photo of Scott working, so he will have to come back and build more.

Day 10

This is how we're getting off the street volunteers.

Glamour shot of the cave, for the postcard.

Day 11

Newbold helped build today.

Mishayla tags in, Newbold tags out.

We got a lot done today! Second layer on the main wall, and moving upwards!


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