Day 20 (day 16 of the cave)

Day 20 (day 16 of cave)

Newbold came today, and kept banging away at the nook. It is amazing how many folks have worked back there. She then moved on to finishing up the front door, which looks great. They all go in there, and I worry about the interior these days.

So Friday I spent the day finishing up the back of the room, making the hole in the back look more organic, and then prepping that upper wall. Then solidifying the column. Finally just going around the room wherever it needed a bit more. Now that I am a couple days behind on my documenting, the actions are starting to blur together. We took a couple hour break in the evening for a rental in the cave. Then my friend Scott, my saving grace, came and worked with me into the wee morning hours. I started to extend the floating cave toward the ground, and he like the others worked around the nook. This time shaping up the interior. Anyway, here are the results from that day.


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