Day 23 & 24

Day 23 & 24 (of 100 day project)

I am a bit behind on my 100 day project. I have 7 days to make up. The cave still isn't finished, but full days of construction are thankfully behind me, so from now on its just the one project to keep track of.

I finally started some cave painting yesterday. I did one section from my cave frieze, which I think will take a while. I also did my first shadow painting. The premise behind the frieze is pretty straight forward, I am telling the story of the making. The shadow paintings are maybe less obvious. The late late nights by myself in the cave, the different objects cast some really beautiful shadows on the surface. It reminded me of minimalist sculpture (Judd) for some reason. Probably the clear divided lines. I started wanting to keep them there, as a record of the process and also just a closer look at the contours of the cave.

When I was painting it last night, I had another idea. Everyone keeps asking if this is inspired by the Herzog film. Well it's not. I didn't know about the film until days before construction. But I did see it immediately, and there's this one passage where a man repeatedly "painted" his palm print on a high wall surface. I keep thinking about that painting, and how the hand is the same level of importance as it was then, has the same meaning to press it on the wall now. Maybe I will climb up my invisible ladder and do some hand prints above.

Anyway, here are some pics of the paintings.

This is part of day 1 of construction. There are actually 2 paintings that will precede it but I started with this one.

Shadow painting. Not sure how many of these (if more) I will do. It was a lot harder than I expected to see the shadow. You can see it from 10 feet back but its really difficult to see it immediately in front of you.


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