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For a little over a year now, I've been weaving.  I took an awesome sculptural weaving class last Fall at Mass Art with Nathalie Miebach and I guess I drank the juice.  This first stick piece was my final project for that class.  I also made the two baskets at the end of the post last fall.  The others followed and are in chronological order.

This past weekend, I went to the Graduate Portfolio Review hosted by Parsons and chatted with a bunch of programs.  It was a great excuse to take some time for photos last week, and now I get to share an update of my recent work.

A little context for this body of work...  I was collecting found wood last Fall for class and it felt as if I was looking at sticks for the first time.  There's so much diversity in color, texture, shape.  I started to see these sticks as potential for line, texture, and color of drawing.  From this idea I took waxed linen, a really wonderful tacky material, to weave these sticks together.

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